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Brooke's Story

Hi, I’m Brooke, the founder, owner, operator, and handcrafter of Clean Life Organics. While my background has always been business, I have found a passion in health and wellness through diet, exercise, and reducing toxins found in conventional products.  It started by initially reading a couple of books, watching documentaries, and basically scaring myself into buying all natural and organic products. 

The problem I ran into was 1. finding organic products that worked and 2. being able to afford them. So I started doing a ton of research and began making organic products for myself.  It started with dry shampoo. Most are corn starch based, which didn’t work well with my hair so I tried different starches and blends until I found the perfect one!  And while I had found an organic deodorant that worked, the company stopped selling it.

I had my last tube with the ingredients listed and set off to make my own. Through many trials and errors, I finally was able to make it, and it worked better! From there, I began researching more about the benefits of different ingredients and began attempting new products and formulas. My family and friends have not only been my supporters, but have been my product testers (which they love), and they are the ones who have really helped me to see the value in bringing my products to others.

I want to help others see the value in reducing toxins in the products that they use and move towards living a healthier life. And to start, my goal is to create organic products that are essential to everyday life that actually work! 

Brooke Belluardo | Founder

Clean Life Organics, LLC

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