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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of your products handmade?

Yes, we make all of our products by hand either made-to-order or in small batches.

Do your products contain 100% organic ingredients?

Our products mostly contain USDA certified organic ingredients. Ingredients such as clays or salt are minerals and are not considered organic by definition. However, in their most natural state they are acceptable by the USDA in organic products. Our labels will clearly state which ingredients are organic.

Do all of your soaps contain lye?

Yes, our soaps contain sodium hydroxide (lye) which is a chemical compound used in all soap production. However, sodium hydroxide does not remain in the final product after saponification and we are left with a gentle, cleansing bar of soap with a creamy lather.

When can I expect to receive my items after ordering?

Since our products are either made-to-order or are made in a small batch, it typically will take 1-3 days to make and ship the item. Standard shipping times apply after delivery to the carrier.

Why our products are different?

All of our products are handmade in small batches that are typically made-to-order with ingredients that you can read and understand. We are mindful of the ingredients we use and include only organic or natural ingredients and source locally when possible. We never use synthetic ingredients such as fragrance oils or dyes. Our products are scented with organic essential oils and colored with natural colorants like clay, charcoal, and juice or powder from vegetables, herbs, and spices. We also use eco-friendly packaging when available, such as glass, aluminum, and compostable bags and labels.

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